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Fiji has earned its reputation as one of the world’s premier diving and snorkelling destinations. Beyond thrilling marine activities, Taveuni offers an array of captivating experiences on dry land.

Diving and Snorkelling

Our local dive operators cater to a wide range of experience levels, from beginners to seasoned divers, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

No matter your preference—be it scuba diving, free diving, or snorkeling—prepare to be captivated by the abundant wonders that await you. The exquisite reefs of the Somosomo Strait are truly breathtaking and an absolute must-see during your stay, leaving an everlasting impression you’ll treasure.

Just off our nearest beach, you’ll find stunning snorkelling sites beckoning you to uncover the secrets of an extraordinary underwater realm. We provide snorkelling equipment, ensuring you’re only moments away from embarking on an unforgettable journey. And for those eager to venture beyond, feel free to utilise our complimentary kayaks, granting you the opportunity to explore even more incredible reefs.

Bouma Waterfalls and Lavena Coastal Walk

Bouma Waterfalls

Bouma National Park stands as the pinnacle landmark of Taveuni, captivating the hearts of all who visit. As a must-see destination, it is highly recommended by the esteemed Global Alliance of National Parks, dedicated to the preservation of our world’s natural treasures.

Within Bouma National Park, you’ll discover the enchanting Tavoro Waterfalls, nestled near the visitor center. These three cascades boast natural swimming pools, inviting you to immerse yourself in their pristine waters. The first waterfall is a mere 10-minute walk along a flat and accessible path, ensuring effortless enjoyment.

For those seeking further adventure, the second and third waterfalls await, requiring an additional hour of hiking. Along the way, you’ll encounter refreshing pools to cool off and replenish your spirits. While some sections of the path may present a steep ascent, rest assured that well-placed steps and lookout spots offer opportunities to pause, catch your breath, and admire the surrounding beauty.

Embark on the remarkable 5km Lavena Coastal Walk, renowned as one of Taveuni’s most picturesque hikes, offering a splendid showcase of the island’s breathtaking coastline. As you traverse this scenic route, you’ll be enchanted by the pristine white sandy beaches and dramatic black volcanic shores, all set against the magnificent backdrop of Bouma National Park. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer beauty that unfolds along this unforgettable journey.

Lavena Coastal Walk

Waitavalu Waterslide and the International Dateline

Waitavalu Waterslide


In close proximity lies the renowned International Dateline. While we operate within a single time zone, the International Dateline runs through the heart of Taveuni, presenting a unique opportunity to leap from one day to the next—a momentous experience and a fantastic chance to capture a remarkable photograph!

A great fun natural waterslide for the thrill seekers!  The water glides down a slab of smooth rocks and into a natural pool, creating the perfect natural waterpark attraction. If you are less adventurous you can still have plenty of fun watching the local kids expertly navigate the slide. 

Nearby is the International Dateline.  Although we adhere to one time zone, the International Dateline cuts right through the centre of Taveuni which offers the chance to jump from one day to the next and is a great photo opportunity!For those seeking a thrilling adventure, brace yourself for a thrilling ride down a natural waterslide. Picture yourself gliding down a cascade of smooth rocks, landing in a refreshing natural pool—a true haven for thrill-seekers and water enthusiasts alike. Even if you prefer to observe the exhilarating spectacle, you can delight in watching local children masterfully navigate the slide, showcasing their skills and bravery.

International Dateline

Experience the Real Fiji

Local villagers always have a warm welcome

Immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Fiji through a captivating visit to a local village. Prepare to be embraced by the warm hospitality of the villagers as they graciously welcome you into their community. Rest assured, your well-being and comfort will be of utmost importance during your stay.

At Vakanananu Retreat, we can arrange a village visit tailored to your preferences. Whether you desire a leisurely stroll to acquaint yourself with the village or an adventurous exploration on horseback, we have the perfect excursion to suit your taste. Embark on this cultural journey and create lasting memories as you connect with the rich traditions and vibrant spirit of the local community.

Explore on Horseback

Bird-watching and Hiking

Orange Dove

The Tagimoucia Flower Story

The Tagimoucia is the official flower of Fiji and what makes it so unique is that it only grows here on Taveuni and nowhere else in the world! 

Legend says that the flowers were the result of the tears shed by a Fijian Princess who ran away into the forests after her father arranged her marriage. It is believed that she fell asleep while crying and her tears turned into the Tagimoucia flower. “Tagi” in the local vernacular means to cry while “moce” means sleep.

People come from all over the world to see this rare and beautiful flower!

Discover the enchanting world of Taveuni’s avian treasures, including the elusive Orange Dove, a species found exclusively on the island. Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of birdwatching as you explore Taveuni’s diverse habitats, where Goshawks, Herons, Parrots, and nearly 100 other fascinating species thrive. With its remarkable biodiversity, Taveuni offers a paradise for bird enthusiasts, captivating them with its natural beauty and remarkable avian inhabitants.

One of the prime locations to catch a glimpse of the Orange Dove is De Voeux Peak & Lake Tagimoucia. Nestled within a volcanic crater, Lake Tagimoucia, situated at an altitude of 800 meters (2,600 feet), serves as a haven for the rare Tagimoucia flower, renowned as one of Taveuni’s most celebrated tourist attractions. Embark on a hiking tour to marvel at the splendor of this exclusive habitat, keeping in mind that the Tagimoucia flowers from November through to February. Prepare to be captivated by the breath-taking landscapes and extraordinary biodiversity that make Taveuni a truly remarkable destination for nature lovers.

Tagimoucia flower
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