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Fiji is considered one of the diving capitals of the world and for good reason!  As well as marine activities there are plenty of things to do on dry land here on Taveuni.

Diving and Snorkelling

Our local dive operators cater for beginners to experienced divers – there is something here for everyone. 

Whether your preference is scuba-diving, free-diving or snorkelling there is plenty to see. The beautiful reefs in the Somosomo Strait are breath-taking and a must see while you are here and are something you will never forget.

There are stunning snorkelling sites off our nearest beach. We have equipment here for you to use and you are just a few minutes away from discovering an amazing underwater world. Kayaks are also available locally if you would like to explore further afield. 

Bouma Waterfalls and Lavena Coastal Walk

Bouma Waterfalls

Bouma National Park is the most iconic landmark in Taveuni and is a must see for our visitors. Vakanananu Retreat is recommended by the Global Alliance of National Parks whose mission is to encourage conservation of the world’s national parks. Bouma National Park includes the three Tavoro Waterfalls near the visitor centre, each with natural swimming pools. The first waterfall only a 10 minute walk along a flat accessible path.

The second and third waterfalls are another hours hike in total, each with pools to cool off. The path is quite steep in places but has steps and lookout spots to rest. 

The 5km Lavena Coastal Walk is probably the most beautiful hikes in Taveuni and shows off the island’s stunning coastline. You will walk alongside white sandy beaches and then black volcanic beaches all overshadowed by the stunning Bouma National Park.

Lavena Coastal Walk

Waitavalu Waterslide and the International Dateline

Waitavalu Waterslide

A great fun natural waterslide for the thrill seekers!  The water glides down a slab of smooth rocks and into a natural pool, creating the perfect natural waterpark attraction. If you are less adventurous you can still have plenty of fun watching the local kids expertly navigate the slide. 

Nearby is the International Dateline.  Although we adhere to one time zone, the International Dateline cuts right through the centre of Taveuni which offers the chance to jump from one day to the next and is a great photo opportunity!

International Dateline

Experience the Real Fiji

Local villagers always have a warm welcome

Experience the real Fiji with a trip to a local village where you will be welcomed by the villagers and well looked after. We can arrange a visit to suit you whether it is a more leisurely walk around the village or explore the area on horseback 

Explore on Horseback

Bird-watching and Hiking

Tagimoucia flower

The elusive Orange Dove is endemic to Taveuni and can be spotted in certain areas. Taveuni is also home to Goshawks, Herons, Parrots and nearly 100 other species. It really is a beautiful and fascinating place for bird watchers.

One of the places the bird can be seen is De Voeux Peak & Lake Tagimoucia. Lake Tagimoucia is one of Taveuni’s most famous tourist attractions. It occupies a volcanic crater at an altitude of 800 metres (2,600 feet) and is the exclusive habitat of the rare Tagimoucia flower. Hiking tours can be arranged – please note that the Tagimoucia flowers from November through to February. 

Orange Dove